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『green hills & town』 


 ¥500  Sold out  



 230x182mm / 32p / Soft cover

 100 copies 

 Published in 2014  GRAF Publishers









In November, 2013, while ready to flee the cobble-paved streets of Paris that I was visiting for the first time, I found the people living peacefully in a large forest on the outskirts of the city impressive and looked on jealously.

The following year in April, I visited the Normandy region and the Gaillard castle ruins, located on an abundantly green hill, from where I could see a small town on the banks of the Seine and observe the land as it spread out into the distance.

Thinking of the castle ruins' history exceeding 1000 years and the nature that exists and enveloped that history as I stood at the forefront of the extraordinary flow of time, I came face to face with my own insignificance and thought I might faint.

As a member of a nation like Japan that looses towns one by one at the hands of natural disasters, the view of a world where nature exists in harmony with the history of a people was a dazzling one.

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