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『DOTO 5』 


 ¥500  Sold out




 240x180mm / 32p / Soft cover

 100 copies 

 Published in 20 July 2018












The drift ice - packed tightly and capsized in the ocean - by March will start to separate, and quietly float upon the gentle waves.

The people playing on the remaining ice appeared to be enjoying the lingering effects and sensations left in the air of the changing seasons.

Spring has come, followed by summer, and then fall. They wondered if there's would be able to float the boat out here like this again come next year.

I'm sure that if I were to happen upon the same situation again, I'd be mumbling to myself, "here I am, taking pictures again..." while shooting my photos.

And even if they turned out to be the same exact photos as last time, I think that I would be okay with it.

I believe that this is what it means to live here on this land, shooting photos. And more than anything else, it means that I am happy to photograph the things that I think are interesting, over and over again.


But now I think about it, that I also want to see something another scenery on that ship next year.

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